We offer a wide range of services at St James’s Associates.

With a vast experience of accounting standards and disclosure requirements under company law we are able to offer a full package of accounts preparation for Plc’s, private limited companies, partnerships and sole traders for all sizes and types of business.
Our qualified staff will prepare and report your financial results in an efficient, succinct, and yet meaningful way. You can rely on us to meet all company and tax reporting deadlines, whilst giving you time to review and understand your accounts.

As registered auditors we can carry out statutory audits as required by company law. In addition to this we can offer audits on specific areas of your business to ensure the systems you have are functioning correctly.
We pride ourselves on a professional yet unobtrusive approach. By spending the necessary time with people who have the knowledge, you and your staff, we can quickly and efficiently cover all the legal requirements whilst causing the minimum disruption to your everyday business.[/su_spoiler]

All accountants can report your historical performance; we make a difference by focusing on your future. Only with solid plans can your business grow and evolve. We will work with you to put your ideas down on paper and turn them into realistic budgets and forecasts for your company.
We can then spend time with you monitoring your actual performance against the budgets to provide analysis and explanations of any problem areas that may exist. Alternatively, we can use the results to grasp opportunities when they become apparent and take advantage of profitable areas of the business, or make savings in areas that would otherwise go unnoticed.

All companies need to maintain their company secretarial matters to comply with company law. This relies on specialist knowledge and can become time consuming if you lack the experience of dealing with it on a regular basis. As members of professional bodies we are required to maintain our knowledge of all accounting and company law regulations. With this knowledge we can provide an efficient service to you and take full responsibility for your company secretarial duties.

By preparing and reviewing the accounts on a regular basis and discussing these with you we will be in a position to spot opportunities and weaknesses in the current and future performance of your business. We will take the time to discuss with you ideas we can see for potential growth and also work with you to change and improve any areas of your business currently under-performing.

In addition to providing you with the usual profit and loss and balance sheet reporting, we can take the time to report on particular markets within your industry, particular customers or specific products. We can offer you “what if?” scenarios to review the impact of new business opportunities or the effect of concentrating on one product compared to another. We can review particular projects for you or provide post implementation reviews of any capital purchases or business acquisitions. We can provide analysis of profit margins and focus attention on profitability as opposed to sales revenue.

We have an in house Marketing Consultant who can advise and work with you on any projects you need specialist assistance with, including Marketing plans, Business plans, Investment raises, Branding and Social media.

Traditionally, probate services have been the reserve of solicitors and the legal departments of major banks.We are one of the few accountancy practices licensed by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in England and Wales to carry out Probate work, and we offer a professional and competitively priced service, providing a real alternative to traditional probate services, saving both time and money. This, combined with our expertise in all areas of accounts, tax and estate administration, means you can have total confidence in us handling the whole process for you.

When you need to spend your valuable time on growing the business and managing the staff, we can review the day to day running of the business. We can take each process involved, the marketing and selling, to the despatch or the customer service and break them down into a series of steps. How much staff time is involved in duplicating the same service? How much paperwork is duplicated? Which areas are ignored whilst some things are looked at again and again? Is the right level of staff working in the correct area of the company and are you using that resource to its full potential? We can come in, strip apart, and document the procedures and processes you currently have and then working together turn them into the processes you need.
With the right systems in place you can ensure your organisation is operating in the manner you wish which allows you to spend more time working on your business rather than in your business.

In today’s economic climate, tax planning is essential. Our dedicated tax specialists will provide advice and assistance in respect of personal and business matters to ensure your affairs are structured in the most tax efficient manner. We will take care of all reporting responsibilities as well as planning for the future. By staying one step ahead and forecasting future business strategies and cycles, we can ensure you get the best out of every situation.

VAT is a burden for all successful companies on a day to day basis. We can review your VAT records and provide assistance with all your VAT reporting. We will monitor your business for any potential VAT problems and help you plan your future in the most efficient way.
We can liaise with H M Customs & Excise on your behalf and provide a general support facility for your company.